June 18, 2018

Solar specs needed for safe viewing of eclipse — Science Says

13 August 2017, 03:30 | Glen Norman

Solar specs needed for safe viewing of eclipse — Science Says

Solar specs needed for safe viewing of eclipse — Science Says

Mahoney State Park in Ashland, Nebraska will experience a partial solar eclipse.

If you can't get your hands on a pair of eclipse shades, you can still see an eclipse through pinhole viewing. Only in areas that see the maximum total eclipse and during the peak eclipse is it safe to remove glasses (and that is a fairly short window).

South Carolina's Clemson University also expects 50,000 people at a campus event that will feature astronomers and other experts.

The Oregon Department of Transportation warns the solar eclipse will cause the "biggest traffic event in Oregon's history". Hence, areas or cities in the or path of totality will get many out-of-town, out-of-state and even out-of-country visitors.

But no matter how people react in the face of totality, the eclipse will certainly have a profound impact on the United States, one that might be felt for generations to come.

The Daily News recently gave away more than 200 of the glasses from Northeast to readers who were interested in viewing the eclipse.

When daylight slowly surrendered into darkness during a solar eclipse in ancient times, some civilizations believed the spectacle was the result of an enormous creature devouring the sun. Eventually, scientists like Sir Arthur Eddington, whose observations of deflected starlight during a 1919 solar eclipse confirmed Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, considered the rare celestial events as prime opportunities to learn more about the solar system and beyond.

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The 20 century was a dry period for total solar eclipses in the U.S. Eclipses cut across significant portions of the country three times over a 30 year period in the early 1900s.

This will be the first total solar eclipse visible from the US since 1979, and the next will be in 2024. If weather is cloudy, most viewing events will provide a live NASA stream of the eclipse inside.

"The ultimate goal is we want to be able to predict when solar flares happen, and, right now, we can't do that with good accuracy". I agree with the first claim but not with the last two. (Based on Friday August 11th) It will occur April 8, 2024 and yes, we will be smack dab in the middle of the path of totality. In a total solar eclipse TOTALITY means EVERYTHING.

The USA TODAY Network will be covering the eclipse in full force on August 21, from OR through SC, so stick with us for the latest. I could not agree more. There will be hundreds or thousands of pictures to see on August 22. A deep partial eclipse will be great fun too, despite their being no Totality.

In small or remote destinations, hotels and campsites in the path of totality are completely sold out.

68 Percentage of the sun blocked by the moon in Syracuse during the eclipse.

"The more I talked to people, the more I realized people think they can look at the eclipse, and it concerned me", said doctor of optometry Elizabeth M. Atkinson from Atkinson Eye Care in Algonquin. There is a lunar eclipse...when the earth blocks out the sun's light and casts a shadow on the moon...there are partial solar eclipses...when part of the moon blocks out the light hitting the earth's surface and then there is something called an annular eclipse. The tiny crescent sun will seem to rotate from the bottom left to the top right in about 10 minutes. "Anyone in the path of totality will see it for about 2 ½ minutes, but the strength is in the network". Look around you briefly, even behind you, and see how the colors differ across the sky. Suddenly, the sun has returned. Totality will first hit OR around 10:15 a.m.

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But as science evolved, mankind debunked these superstitions and, in turn, demystified solar eclipses.

The times represent the approximate time of totality...the lines within the shadow represent the length of time of TOTALITY.

It's inevitable that people who would otherwise disagree about everything will gather together for the total solar eclipse - some might even weep and howl together in the shadow of the moon. Rather than the 10 minutes of something happening, the total solar eclipse observers will see and feel something unique. Winds will calm, birds will roost.

The sudden, albeit brief, transformation from day into night has elicited unusual behavior in animals in the past. Due to the effects of particles on the light, scattering it, the light appears to be red. The app maker suggests you can instead use the filter in the app, and your smartphone camera to look up at the sun.

An fantastic sight. Time seems to stop. Is it worth the fuss?

Paul Morgan teaches astrology at Umpqua Community College.

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