August 14, 2018

Man threatens to call ICE on workers speaking Spanish in NYC

17 May 2018, 02:41 | Glen Norman

Edward Suazo Facebook

My next call is to ICE’ US man freaks on Spanish speakers in restaurant

The two were speaking to the waiter when, according to Suazo, the man "jumps in and started to call the waiter and my wife and her best friend all types of names and threatened to call ICE on them and the employees".

The ranting customer lambasted the manager of Fresh Kitchen on Madison Avenue for allowing his staff to speak Spanish in "my country" and raged about "paying for their welfare".

"He's screaming at the guy serving him, 'Give me my f***ing sandwich, you shouldn't be speaking Spanish, I feel disrespected, go back to your country", recalls the woman, born in NY of Puerto Rican parents.

"So my wife and her best friend Just experience what America is becoming!" he began.

A video showing a man's racist rant in which he threatens to call immigration on employees because they were speaking Spanish is going viral.

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When the worker tried to answer him they are bilingual and therefore they speak in both languages, the man did not accept it: "This is America", he exclaimed.

Multiple calls and emails to the law office of the man who is alleged to be in the video were not returned.

Schlossberg is reported to be a commercial lawyer whose office is listed as being across from the Fresh Kitchen where the incident took place. Spanish and Spanish Creole speakers comprise the bulk of the non-English speaking population - about 25 percent, or 1.87 million residents. "The least they can speak English". "I pay for their welfare".

Management eventually asked the man to leave because was he "causing the trouble, screaming at people", as one witness told Gothamist. First of all they wasn't talking to you!

Serrano then gets into a yelling fight with the man, where he tells her to take a break from food and she tells him he should get hit by a auto.

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A white man caused a scene at a NY restaurant earlier this week after he noticed customers and an employee speaking Spanish.

Speaking about the Fresh Kitchen staff he goes on to say he guesses they're not documented. At that point she made a decision to call police.

Because we've not independently confirmed the identity of the man at this point, we're not naming him yet, but we're ready to assume he's a lawyer anyway just based on his smugly belligerent attitude.

"What a big man talking down to couple of women and a helpless employee".

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