July 20, 2018

60 learn mental health first aid

04 June 2018, 09:12 | Silvia Roy

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Govt decriminalises suicide bans electric shocks to mentally ill children

Sterilisation of men and women as a treatment for mental illness is also prohibited.

When we asked Bryant if he felt that more people were talking about their struggles with mental illness today than in the past, he responded by saying.

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"Every person with mental illness will have a right to live with dignity, and there shall be no discrimination on any basis, including gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion, culture, caste, social or political beliefs, class or disability", the Act says. His photograph also can not be published in media without consent.

Some of the new legislation's provisions are the banning of electric shock therapy for children with mental illnesses. They can also nominate a representative. "It has enabled me to have a more comprehensive understanding of mental health and offer better support to those experiencing mental illness".

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The voluntary admissions will also be checked if the admission is needed; it will be for a specific time period under the guidance of a trained psychiatrist. The advance directive has to be certified by a medical practitioner or registered with the Mental Health Board. Experts say that the law can run into some teething problems but would be helpful in the long run.

Through a mix of group activities, presentations and discussions, each session is built around a Mental Health First Aid action plan, enabling the participants to have confidence as they intervene in various situations, according to the press release.

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Union health minister JP Nadda had, last year, said the bill recognizes a person attempting suicide must be under extreme stress, hence no IPC sections should be invoked. These will act as a reference point to manage people with mental illness. We also encourage everyone to report any cases of deficiencies to authorities and help improve their services for the benefit of the community.

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