June 23, 2018

Liberals raise Doug Ford drug allegations in campaign ads

05 June 2018, 04:10 | Silvia Roy

Tory leader Doug Ford had promised that his party would release a fully costed platform before the election on June 7

Doug Ford at a table with an interviewer

"It's a realization that the Kathleen Wynne brand might be more detrimental than the Liberal party brand", she said.

Ford hasn't raised the issue during his campaign for Ontario's June 7 election, but a PC spokeswoman suggested such change is still on his agenda, saying the leader favours reforms to make municipal government more efficient and effective.

"The tariffs on steel and aluminum exports imposed by (U.S. President Donald) Trump yesterday are completely unacceptable to me", Wynne said at a campaign event near Hamilton, one of Ontario's steel-producing cities. Because, as I've said, it's not about me.

However, Wynne also announced that she would continue to campaign for Liberal candidates across Ontario, and she is encouraging people to vote Liberal in Thursday's election.

North Korea replaces top three military officials
The presidential suite may set the government back by at least 8,000 Singapore dollars ($6,000) a night, it said. ICAN plans to use money received when it won the Nobel Peace Prize previous year for this objective .

Ms. Morrison said she brought her concerns to Ms. Wynne after the incident in 2013. Many who are eligible to vote in this election were not yet in kindergarten the last time the government changed.

Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford's schedule has him in the southwest for a morning announcement in London and an evening rally in Windsor.

Repealing cap and trade would likely cost Ontario between $2 billion and $4 billion, according to a leading environmental lawyer, while most constitutional experts say a fight against Ottawa on carbon pricing is likely doomed.

Her choice of candidates - many of them with hostile agendas - is a real dog's breakfast of social justice warriors and those highly intolerant of a diverse point of view, much like the professional protesters and the leftist profs who've turned political correctness into a caricature of itself on university campuses.

Spanish opposition leader expected to oust PM Mariano Rajoy
In parliament Thursday, Sanchez presented his case that Rajoy must go because Spain "is sick and exhausted of serial corruption". The two then posed for a photo with the monarch along with the speakers of the lower Congress of Deputies and the Senate.

"People worry about what will happen to our economy if the NDP form a majority government with nothing to hold them back. - What really causes concern is that we have a leader who is trying to become Prime Minister in this province, and he is not being honest with people". Her faith in the Liberals was shaken and her vote will go to the NDP, she said. This is a man who has defended candidates who speak ill of others - who smear people due to their religion or gender or sexual orientation. "With a majority government Doug Ford would have too free a hand". By voting Liberal you can keep the next government, Conservative or NDP, accountable to you.

"We need to do everything to make sure we get at least eight seats in the we can be in a position again to be a moderating influence on the other two parties", he said. The NDP leader has been pushing for Liberal voters to join them to stop a Ford win.

At the end of the two years, the Liberals coasted to a sizeable majority, leaving the NDP to wonder why they got no credit for the accomplishments of the accord.

Microsoft acquires GitHub for $7.5 billion
Nadella said developers can still use whatever programming languages and operating systems they choose for their projects. Those projects have typically used open-source software development techniques while keeping some code proprietary.

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