August 20, 2018

Switzerland catches a glimpse of the century's longest lunar eclipse

29 July 2018, 10:00 | Edward Lowe

Blood Moon dazzles, was longest lunar eclipse of 21st century

Brunei gazes at Total Lunar Eclipse, longest of this century

The lunar eclipse awed many onlookers who were eagerly waiting to witness the breathtaking view of the moon. "Bloody" referred to the moon during the Eclipse.

Widespread monsoon rainstorms and thick clouds hid the moon across much of India and its neighbours, which should have had a prime view.

The penumbral eclipse (the lighter, outer part of the Earth's shadow (penumbra) moved across the Moon) began at 1.14am with the maximum eclipse (mid-point of totality) at 4.21am and the penumbral eclipse (the penumbra moved away from the Moon) ended at 7.28am.

Some Britons had better luck however, with the Grenadier Guards stationed in Iraq posting images showing troops gazing at a red-sheened moon hanging in a clear sky.

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Our neighboring planet will appear unusually large and bright, a mere 57.7 million km from Earth on its elliptical orbit around the sun.

Unlike a solar Eclipse when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, blocking the sunlight, the moon is not "dark" during the blackout, and instead becomes blood-red.

"There is no reason to believe Blood Moons foretell doom", he said.

Dennis Doucet climbed a mountain behind his house in hopes of getting some photos of the full blood moon rising over Osaka, Japan, on Friday night.

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While viewers in New South Wales and Queensland lost sight of the moon towards the end of the eclipse, those in Western Australia saw the whole spectacle, and even watched as the moon emerged from the eclipse.

"The moon is not always in ideal alignment with the sun and the Earth, so that is why we do not get a lunar eclipse every lunar cycle", Brad Tucker, an astronomer with the Australian National University's Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, said in a statement. Unfortunately for anyone in the USA, the eclipse will not be visible. The long duration of this eclipse was partly because the moon made a near-central passage through Earth's umbra-the darkest, most central part of the shadow. It's a stunningly rare chance to witness what star-gazers call a micro-blood moon.

"If that were true, we'd be in big trouble given the gravitational pulls on Earth, Mars, and our moon!" the NASA website states. Experts estimate that Mars' brightness will persist for several weeks.

In a lunar eclipse, the Earth stands between its natural satellite and the Sun.

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