August 18, 2018

How to view the longest lunar eclipse this century

30 July 2018, 05:15 | Edward Lowe

Dundee Law will be an excellent vantage spot from which to view the lunar eclipse on Friday night

Dundee Law will be an excellent vantage spot from which to view the lunar eclipse on Friday night

Swathes of eastern Africa, the Middle East, and central Asia are in the flawless spot for the eclipse, meaning they will be able to see it in its entirety - provided the weather is good.

In the first central lunar eclipse since June 15, 2011, the moon is slated to pass through the earth's shadow again on July 27. The next total lunar eclipse will occur on January 21, 2019. Partial eclipses will precede and succeed the total eclipse, meaning that from start to finish, the moon will spend almost four hours travelling behind Earth. People in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa and Asia will have the best opportunity to observe an Eclipse, while the final stages of the phenomenon after sunset will be visible in some parts of South America.

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During the eclipse, the moon will appear red, giving it the nickname "blood moon". The partial eclipse of the moon will begin around 11.54pm, while the total eclipse will start around 1am on July 28. During the eclipse, the moon will pass through Earth's darkest shadow and take on a red sheen, with the phenomenon being described as the "blood moon". The moon will appear slightly smaller because it is farther from the Earth.

Earth will cast two shadows on the moon during the eclipse. It is entirely safe to view directly with the naked eye, telescopes or binoculars, say experts. The shortest total lunar eclipse of this century, which occurred on April 4, 2015 only lasted 4 minutes and 48 seconds. Lunar Eclipse is known as Chandra Grahan in Indian.

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Also of interest, Mars will be visible very close to the eclipsed moon.

As for a solar eclipse, you've got a longer wait. Star-gazers in areas near the Middle East, south or eastern Africa, western and southeast Asia and India will be able to catch a glimpse of the celestial event as long as the weather permits, Petro said. The Moon will get to the height of the eclipse at around 1.51 am, at which point it would have reached the centre of the Umbra.

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This month, Mars will be at its closest to Earth since 2003. NASA note: this will be the longest total lunar Eclipse in the XXI century, the newspaper "Express".

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