January 17, 2019

Last year’s flu broke records for deaths and illnesses — CDC

03 October 2018, 05:28 | Silvia Roy



Can you get the flu from the flu shot?

More than 80 percent of doses are created to protect against four flu strains.

Throughout the 2012-2013 flu season, 56,000 people died. It was about 67 percent effective against one of the influenza strains previous year, meaning that of 100 kids lined up in a gym, if all of them got a flu shot, 67 of them wouldn't get the flu if a sick child coughed on them.

Flu season is once again approaching and public health officials recommend everyone 6 months or older get vaccinated to reduce the risk of illness, hospitalization, missed work or school or even death. Although people who are moderately or severely ill should wait to recover before getting the shot.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the worst pandemic in human history, the Spanish flu that killed 50 million to 100 million people during the winter of 1918-1919.

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic sites throughout the Yakima Valley are now offering flu shot clinics, where patients and community members can drop by without an appointment and get their flu shot for $20.

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With flu season just beginning in the Lone Star State, the Texas Department of Health is urging folks to get their annual vaccine.

There are, however, ways to prevent the flu from ever taking hold, including getting the flu shot, which the CDC recommends people ages six months and over receive (including breastfeeding women), and especially the elderly, pregnant women, and those with weakened immune systems due to various illnesses-including, in some cases, being sick with a severe enough cold.

Anthony DelConte, M.D., visiting professor of pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing, said he thinks one of these reasons is "a lack of understanding that such a simple step can protect not only themselves, but their classmates as well".

"Flu vaccination is now the most effective method to prevent flu infection", Chou said while attending a TEDxGlobalDay event held by TEDxDaanPark and the Rotary Club in Taipei. Any visitors, members of the public or UHMBT staff who may be feeling unwell, or may have been in contact with a person, with flu like symptoms in recent days, should stay away from our hospitals.

The nasal spray option of the flu vaccine is also back after several years of being out of circulation, Briscoe said.

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Regardless of how Australia is panning out, people should always stay on top of their preventative health by frequently washing hands, covering a cough or sneeze and staying home if sick.

The injected flu vaccine is offered free of charge on the NHS to people who are at risk.

No, the virus is not alive in the flu shot.

Where should I get the flu shot?

DelConte warned against the decision to forego a flu shot.

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It's not easy to compare flu seasons through history, partly because the nation's population is changing.

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