January 18, 2019

2 rectangular icebergs captured by NASA's IceBridge flight

28 October 2018, 02:09 | Edward Lowe

The A-68 ice island is roughly the size

The A-68 ice island is roughly the size

More: - NASA ICE (@NASA_ICE) October 23, 2018 'I thought it was pretty interesting, ' Jeremy Harbeck, senior scientist with the IceBridge mission that was flying over Antarctica at the time, explains.

Why?: Kelly Brunt, an ice scientists from NASA, told Live Science there's a reason for the iceberg appearing like a ideal rectangle.

Icebergs come in all shapes and sizes.

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Iceberg found near the ice shelf of Larsen, which he might split.

The us space Agency NASA showed a picture of an iceberg a flawless rectangular shape, with smooth surface and sharp angles.

New photos of a surprisingly rectangular iceberg are offering the full picture of this now-famous Antarctic structure-and it remains weird as hell. 'I often see icebergs with relatively straight edges, but I've not really seen one before with two corners at such right angles like this one had.' Indeed, the iceberg definitely captured the interest of the public, and the original photo of the object was shot at an angle that made the iceberg appear nearly perfectly square. Harbeck and his colleagues were investigating this massive structure when the geometric shape was spotted.

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Interestingly, Harbeck spotted a second rectangular iceberg during the same 16 October 2018 flyby.

What happened: NASA posted a photo on Twitter of an iceberg that looks like a rectangle. Tabular A and Tabular B, along with a number of other similar sheet-cake bergs in the area, are products of that same breakup, NASA scientist John Sonntag said in a newly released video featuring footage from Harbeck's flyover.

The newly-released image shows the edge of our new favorite iceberg, another slightly less squared iceberg, and A68 (Larsen C's long-lost iceberg child) in the distance.

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Operation IceBridge is the longest-running aerial survey of polar ice, according to NASA. It's now in the midst of a five-week project to chart icebergs in the Northern Antarctic Peninsula, a mission that's scheduled to conclude on 18 November.

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