March 20, 2019

NASA showed a video how the satellite close to the Sun

01 November 2018, 05:54 | Edward Lowe

Delta IV Heavy rocket launches Parker Solar Probe on Sunday

NASA's Parker Solar Probe Sets Record for Closest Approach to Sun

It will pass within 15 million miles (24 million km) of the surface of the sun.

The Parker Solar Probe on Monday reached closer to the Sun than any other man-made object ever has, said the United States' National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The spacecraft passed the current record of 26.55 million miles from the sun's surface on October 29 as calculated by the Parker Solar Probe team, NASA said in a statement.

In addition, in the coming days, the probe should set another record, becoming the fastest ship in the history of space exploration. According to the space agency, It will face heat and radiation during its journey which will take it to within 3.83 million miles of the Sun's surface. After that, the probe will burn up in the sunlight.

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That mission also set a speed record of nearly 70km/s (43 miles/s), and Parker will also break that record in the next years.

As the Parker Solar Probe mission progresses, the spacecraft will repeatedly break its own records, with a final close approach of 3.83 million miles from the Sun's surface expected in 2024, it said.

The probe, launched in August, is now closer to the sun than any spacecraft has ever been.

Later today, the solar probe should also break Helios 2's record for velocity relative to the Sun of 246,960 km/hour. "We are proud of this event, although we continue to focus on our first solar meeting, which starts on 31 October", says project Manager Andy Driesman.

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On October 31, the day of Halloween, NASA will begin its first so-called solar encounter with the burning star.

The $1.5 billion spacecraft will study the sun during 24 close flybys over the next seven years, getting closer and closer to our star each time.

This way, scientists will be able to forecast solar winds or solar storms that are known to create the attractive aurora borealis but also disrupt communications, satellites, or power grids.

The primary objective of the Parker Solar Probe is to study the solar wind. It will also gather information on the magnetic and electric fields of the sun, and it will sample the corona's particle.

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