January 18, 2019

Serial killer nurse admits murdering 100 patients

01 November 2018, 05:59 | Silvia Roy

Serial killer nurse admits murdering 100 patients


Culprit's choice of victim appears to have been entirely random, with their ages ranging from 34 to 96. "We will do our utmost to learn the truth", Bührmann said.

Prosecutors say an investigation and toxicology reports show he injected 35 people at the clinic Oldenburg clinic and 62 in Delmenhorst. Known as Dr Death, Shipman was sentenced to 15 life terms in 2000; he died in prison in 2004, after apparently committing suicide.

The man was first arrested in 2005, when I noticed that he enters the patient's medication he was not prescribed.

When he managed to revive a patient, he was sated, but only for a few days, the expert said, before adding: "For him, it was like a drug". Investigators are building a case against former staff at both facilities where Hoegel said he killed his patients.

He has been labelled as Germany's most prolific serial killer since the Second World War for his horrific abuse of power. His motive, prosecutors say, was to impress colleagues by resuscitating the very patients he had attacked.

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A minute of silence was held in court for the victims, as Hoegel listened with his head lowered.

In general, people serving life sentences are considered for parole after 15 years.

It was then that Hoegel confessed to his psychiatrist at least 30 more murders committed in Delmenhorst.

Police are said to believe the true number of his victims could be as high as 300.

Around 126 relatives will be co-plaintiffs in the new trial and are expected to fill the specially designated courtroom in Oldenburg, along with about 80 journalists.

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Additional convictions could make it harder for Hoegel to get parole.

"We fought for four years for this trial and expect Hoegel is sentenced for another 100 murders", said Marbach, whose grandfather was killed by Hoegel, the BBC reported.

Christian Marbach, a spokesperson for relatives, said it was a scandal that he had been killing for so many years with impunity.

Oldenburg police chief Johann Kuehme past year said other medical workers at Oldenburg were aware of an elevated number of resuscitations, and initial indications of possible wrongdoing by the nurse in Delmenhorst emerged as early as April 2003.

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