March 21, 2019

Why My Neighbors and I Will Have Teal Pumpkins on Our Porches

02 November 2018, 03:14 | Silvia Roy

Why My Neighbors and I Will Have Teal Pumpkins on Our Porches

Why My Neighbors and I Will Have Teal Pumpkins on Our Porches

The pumpkins serve as a signal to children who want to participate in trick-or-treating, but suffer from a food allergy.

Affordable non-food items are available at dollar stores, party supply stores, or online shops, and low-priced items can be purchased and handed out to all trick-or-treaters, or made available in a separate bowl from candy if a resident chooses to hand out both options. On FARE's website, you can find ideas for non-food treats.

"Whether it's a lantern or whether it's a teal lightbulb on your front porch, kids with food allergies will know that your house has options for them that are not food related".

Sony sold almost 4 million PS4s in the last three months
The company's PlayStation business brought in 27% higher revenue compared to a year ago , totalling $4.9 billion in sales. Quarterly sales totaled 2.18 trillion yen ($19.3 billion), up from 2.06 trillion yen.

It could be stickers, glow sticks or even toy vampire fangs. Their mission: "Raising awareness of food allergies and promoting inclusion of all trick or treaters throughout the Halloween season". Additionally, try to choose latex-free items, as there are children who have latex allergies.

According to the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) non-profit group, one in 13 children in the US has a food allergy.

Local officials are encouraging residents to participate in the "Teal Pumpkin Project" this Halloween. This will let the community know you're looking out for kids with allergies.

Google staff in walkout over treatment of women
In online photos, Google employees could be seen making protest signs that read "Respect for Women" and 'Not Ok, Google'. Meanwhile, regular employees who are harassed allegedly have little recourse against powerful higher-ups.

Kolaszewski also said it's about making sure all kids feel included.

Victoria City Hall is among other cities in North American taking part in the "Teal Pumpkin Project".

Free Tacos Today, Thanks To A Guy Named Mookie
It's become a tradition now for Taco Bell to give away free tacos in the world series if a player steals a base. The fast-food chain announced the " Steal A Base, Steal A Taco " deal ahead of the World Series.

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