June 17, 2019

Get ready for the "super blood wolf moon" … or not

18 January 2019, 01:26 | Edward Lowe

Get ready for the "super blood wolf moon" … or not

Get ready for the

The super blood wolf moon eclipse is actually just the concurrence of three separate phenomena - a lunar eclipse, a super moon and a wolf moon.

Finally, full moons are given monthly names, and this one happens to be the "wolf" moon.

Just as we head into the dead of winter, skywatchers get a chance to witness one of nature's most picturesque events as a larger than average full moon undergoes a total eclipse and blushes red this Sunday. While not all that rare of an event, the moon will be 356,000 km distant, making it less than 50,000 km closer than most of the time.

And it may be a late night for a Sunday (the eclipse starts at 9:36 p.m. and ends at 12:43 a.m.), but students and employees of woke companies will have Monday - Martin Luther King Jr.

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A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes exactly between the Sun and the Moon creating a shadow which stops solar rays reaching the lunar surface.

So, to recap: The moon will be closer to Earth than usual (a "super moon").

After the game, football fans in North America will be able to step outside and watch the first visible total lunar eclipse in the Americas in three years at around 11:41 p.m. EST.

This celestial celebration occurs when Earth completely blocks direct sunlight from reaching the moon, with the only light reaching it is refracted by Earth's atmosphere to produce a reddish colour.

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It's hard to predict the exact hue of lunar eclipses, but whatever shade results can offer insight about the chemistry of the Earth's atmosphere. The moon's colour can vary significantly from one eclipse to the next and nobody can predict what the next one will look like. "It not only is a supermoon and it's a total eclipse, but the total eclipse also lasts pretty long". It will be the first full moon of the year (a "wolf moon"). It all depends on how much dust is floating around in Earth's atmosphere at the time.

The "Blood" part comes from the way the sun's light passes through Earth's atmosphere during the eclipse.

Acts 2:20, "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come".

Sunday will mark the final time a lunar eclipse and a supermoon occur at the same time until May 2021.

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Environment Canada is calling for clear skies for Sunday night's eclipse with a low of only -4 C, so night-sky gazers should be able enjoy the view in relative comfort.

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