February 21, 2019

WATCH Meteorite Crashing Into ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’

25 January 2019, 10:10 | Edward Lowe

Photo: ‘Super blood wolf moon’ inks Durango skies

Ar 190129961

The event, which saw the Moon turn a distinctive shade of red, was the result of a supermoon combined with a lunar eclipse.

A close-up of the 21 January 04:41 Coordinated Universal Time impact (white spot) on the Moon's surface during a total lunar eclipse.

Durango-area residents were treated to a rare celestial event Sunday night known as a "super blood wolf moon" lunar eclipse.

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Such a scene has been long-sought by astronomers, but proved elusive until now, even with the frequency of lunar eclipses.

In the video you can clearly see a tiny dot flash in the upper left corner of the Moon sphere, appearing for only a fraction of a second before being shrouded in darkness.

Footage of the event was finally captured because Madiedo doubled the number of telescopes equipped with high-sensitivity video cameras he uses to normally monitor different parts of the moon from four to eight.

Alex Salmond has been arrested and charged by police in Scotland
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While observing the eclipse, however, some observers noticed a small flash on the moon. "The flash was produced by a rock (a meteoroid) that hit the lunar ground".

The Moon Impacts Detection and Analysis System, or MIDAS, telescopes that Madiedo used have high-sensitivity video cameras, which are flawless at capturing these split-second events. "I was really, really happy". Many astronomers speculated what had happened, but one of them, Jose Maria Madiedo from the University of Huelva in Spain, quickly confirmed that it was indeed a meteorite that hit the moon.

"When the automatic detection software notified me of a bright flash, I jumped out of my chair", Madiedo told Gizmodo. These automated observatories aren't running during a full moon, like during a lunar eclipse, because no camera would be able to pick up the flash of light.

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The phone is available for purchase packing a Snapdragon 855 chipset with either 6 or 8GB of RAM, 128GB or 256GB of storage. Xiaomi's co-founder Lin Bin posted a video on Weibo yesterday of a prototype foldable phone they are working on.

Millions of people around the world looked up at the sky in the early hours of Monday morning to witness the last total lunar eclipse of the decade.

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