April 21, 2019

WATCH Astronomers Reveal First Ever PHOTO of Black Hole

11 April 2019, 10:11 | Elsie Buchanan

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News conferences were held in Washington, Brussels, Santiago, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo to disclose a "groundbreaking result" from the Event Horizon Telescope project, begun in 2012 to directly observe a black hole using a global network of telescopes and worldwide cooperation of more than 200 researchers. Many marveled at how much the film's rendering of a black hole called Gargantua resembled the image released on Wednesday. The new image shows this black hole.

No one knew what a black hole looked like before today.

Also trending in the wake of the black hole news alongside the band was the movie "Interstellar".

'Christopher Nolan's team of scientists and visual effects artists did a pretty fantastic job of predicting what a black hole might actually look like in Interstellar, ' added another impressed fan.

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To complement the EHT measurements, NASA's Chandra, NuSTAR and Swift space telescopes participated in the observing campaign. Scientists had to synchronize eight radio telescopes on four continents. Event Horizon Telescope collaboration et al.

Scientists have created history by capturing the first-ever image of a black hole event horizon, which holds the key to one of the biggest mysteries of the cosmos. In this way, the physicists were able to tease out the black hole's signal from lots of noise.

That's what creates the black hole's shadow, says Dr. Medeiros, who worked on the University of Arizona's Event Horizon Telescope team. The mystique of black holes in the community is very substantial.

'#EHTBlackHole that's no black hole, they found Sauron. You have to eliminate time and space and light.

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The existence of black holes was first predicted in 1916. The same phenomenon occurs with the event horizon itself.

Again, because they're human, people also compared this black hole image to food. Data from EHT confirmed this hypothesis and thus another aspect of general relativity.

Black holes are the "most extreme environment in the known universe", Broderick said, a violent, churning place of "gravity run amok". That's a simple difference to explain-initial evidence shows that we're viewing M87's black hole from closer to one of the poles, rather than from head on. The idea has been debated, refined and expanded upon for more than a century. Now scientists think black holes lurk in the hearts of other galaxies. Sagittarius A* possesses 4 million times the mass of our sun and is located 26,000 light-years from Earth. "Nowhere is this more true than in the case of black holes", he said. They are believed to be formed by collapsed stars. It is unclear what physical processes generated such massive objects so early in the evolution of the cosmos. No single radio telescope could do it. "That mystique is going to be made more real". Instead, they saved data down to high-performance hard drives, and that information was collated by supercomputers at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy and MIT Haystack Observatory.

The measurements are taken at a wavelength the human eye can not see, so the astronomers added color to the image.

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