April 23, 2019

NVIDIA Enables Ray Tracing On Pascal GPUs With New Game Ready Driver

15 April 2019, 12:19 | Casey Mitchell

NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver Now Supports RTX on GTX Cards – Performance Benchmarks in RTX Titles Unveiled, GTX 1660 Ti As Fast As GTX 1080

Nvidia Delivers Ray Tracing Driver for Previous-Gen Pascal Cards, New Demos

As promised at GDC, Nvidia has released its DirectX Raytracing (DXR) drivers for GTX cards today-grab them here.

I'm focusing on Nvidia's 1080p results, as I don't think running ray tracing on a GTX card at 1440p or 4k really makes sense.

The Geforce 425.31 Game Ready driver is available for 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows 10 OS and supports all Geforce graphics cards since Geforce 600 series. (Our guide to the best graphics cards can help you choose one.) Those GPUs feature dedicated RT cores that accelerate ray tracing, paired with dedicated tensor cores that leverage Nvidia's supercomputers to make games run faster via AI-enhanced supersampling. But there is a distinction to be made between RTX, which is specific to Turing cards that pack RTX cores, and DXR, an API and ray tracing feature set that's now baked into Windows 10. But if we talk about the resolution of Full HD, then only the owners of GTX 1080 Ti will receive a stable 60 frames per second, and the owners of GTX 1660 Ti for a couple with GTX 1080 - about 60 frames per second.

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Of note, this version has been enhanced with Deep Learning Super Sampling tech, to boost performance, and NVIDIA implemented new DXR updates and optimizations to further improve the quality of this stunning slice of entertainment. Basically, this technology renders illumination, reflection, and shadow in a more realistic looking way, while working faster and more effectively than past technology.

Right now, Nvidia now lists seven games/demos/benchmarks with DXR support.

As a reminder, while NVIDIA's DXR fallback layer is meant to target Pascal and Turing cards that lack RT hardware, not all of these cards are supported.

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This post originally appeared on Tom's Guide. The best case is seen in the bottom row where the RTX 2080 RT cores are put to task, massively accelerating this rendering task. It is the first time that real time ray tracing has been used for caustics. At the very least, you'll be able to see what the effect is like at home, on your own display, before investing in expensive new hardware. By adding the previous generation of GPUs to the mix users now have a choice, and the new demos are a big a part of the story, too.

Nvidia explains ray tracing in a video released Thursday, just in time for a new driver for GeForce GTX GPUs and new demos demonstrating the technology, according to a press release. Nvidia's own Star Wars Reflections demo is one of the most demanding approaches, with ray traced reflections, shadows, and ambient occlusion.

The company says reflections can be fairly easy, if there aren't many of them on the screen, and they're on a flat surface (like the puddles in Battlefield V).

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Unfortunately, the ray tracing won't be coming to GTX 1060 3GB, GTX 1050 or GTX 1030 cards.

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