June 17, 2019

So close you can count its moons

13 June 2019, 02:18 | Edward Lowe

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Submitted by Parshati Patel

Then on Wednesday, Jupiter will in truth be at its closest display camouflage Earth this twelve months - at factual 640,862,318 kilometres.

Although this arguably does not sound like some people's concept of close, the Earth's average distance to this gargantuan planet is 488,000,000 miles.

Want to see Jupiter in all its glory? A telescope with a magnification of 40 times or above is preferred in observing Jupiter. Apparent magnitude is the scale of brightness as referenced to Vega, with Vega being a magnitude of 0.

There will be other points of light orbiting around the gas giant, and you may recognize some of their names: Europa, Io, and Ganymede to name a few. Jupiter will be high in the sky but mostly cloudy skies might infringe on any real viewing.

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Jupiter can be seen in the vicinity of first magnitude star "Antares, ' the brightest star in the constellation "Scorpius" and Antares is often confused as Jupiter. Though the planet will be closest to Earth, it will still be at least 450 million km away", said Narottam Sahoo, advisor, Gujarat Council of Science and Technology.

Jupiter will also be visibly floating just to the left of red star, Antares. Which will be till July 14 next year.

He said that Jupiter will be visible to the naked eye in absence of clouds.

"While you're out marveling this trio, there's a really neat astronomy observation you can attempt yourself, just by paying attention to the Moon's movement from night to night", the agency added on its website.

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Still, the skies will be clear tonight in Anchorage so look south.

Slightly below Jupiter in the same direction, Saturn can be seen as white dot. Opposition of Jupiter will occur about once every 399 days.

Later Jovian observations included the planet's signature "Great Red Spot", a hydrogen/helium storm about 30% wider than Earth, yet it's been shrinking for the last few hundred years - and we're not quite sure why.

Absolutely no telescope is required to enjoy the pulchritude of Jupiter. In the Anchorage area, Jupiter will rise at 11:03 p.m. and peak at 1:55 a.m. before setting at 4:48 a.m. Never forget to witness Jupiter on June 10 and do enjoy the grandeur and magnanimity of sky-watching.

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